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Your Money Beliefs

Jul 27, 2021

The perception and utility of money in each of our lives are crafted very early in our childhood. Have you explored your true beliefs about money? Is money good? Is money bad? What about being rich – is that good or bad? Does being rich imply excess where (as the rap song says) “More Money, More Problems?” What type of family were you raised in….. was money scarce, and your parent(s) had to always remind you that money does not grow on trees and they could not afford what you wanted? Or did money flow freely and was always available?

If you remember the Money Pyramid I introduced a few months ago, 100 random people in a given segment of society will have wealth distribution similar to this: 1% are Rich, 4% are Prosperous, 15% are Doing Well, 60% Struggle Endlessly, and 20% are Broke. Which group did you grow up in as a child? How did it shape your view of money? Which group are you in currently? What is your current view of money? And which group do you aspire to be in? How do you aspire to think about money?

Here is what I have learned from many years of struggle and many years of prosperity – life is better and easier when you are not struggling for money. When you constantly struggle for money, you wake up each day in survival mode. Life feels like a challenge because it is. You default to being a firefighter each day, just trying to keep your challenges from drowning you. And most importantly, you do not focus on the opportunities surrounding you that could lead to more growth and freedom.

Money is best when it is thought of as gasoline for your car. Money is not the car. It is not a vehicle. Your cash-flowing dry cleaning business is the vehicle. Your business, much like your car, takes money to make it run. And it can take you to inspiring places and wonderful destinations. But money is not the destination either. You see, money amplifies the person that you are, the beliefs that you have, and the growth that you seek. Money is an amplifier. 

One of the first conversations I have with new coaching clients is to discuss what prices they are charging for their services. Most cleaners that I work with charge too little. Why? Almost always, it is because they do not feel worthy of financial success due to money beliefs and money blocks they have from early in life. They either grew up struggling and believed that affluence is not meant for them, or they grew up prosperous and blame money for family problems growing up. Either way, there is an underlying feeling of guilt if they acquire or accumulate too much money.

To get yourself out of wrestling with challenges each day, you must acknowledge and deal with your beliefs about money. And only then can you confidently allow others to deal with the daily challenges so you can focus on the daily opportunities. And that is what marketing is all about. Building relationships with right-fit clients to continue to add value by making your clients' lives better.

You are worthy of being financially successful. You and your team work really hard every day, providing value to your clients. You absolutely deserve to be in the top 20% of the money pyramid – rich, prosperous, or making a good living. You deserve to take nice vacations. You deserve to fly first class if that is important to you. You deserve to splurge on yourself and those that you love. And you deserve to provide wonderful solutions to others. But to help others, you must first help yourself. You must stop constantly struggling, or else you will never be able to provide exceptional value to others.

If money beliefs are holding you back, it is important to dig deep on this subject. Those beliefs are all in your head and are limiting your potential. The solution is also in your own head, and it starts with the belief that you are worthy of being in the top part of the Money Pyramid. The part of the pyramid that allows you to amplify all of your internal goodness.

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