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Your Commitment Level

Aug 16, 2022

If you are finding success elusive, take a look at your commitment level.

Have you created a meaningful, motivating vision for your life?

Does your business properly fit into and support that vision?

If not, there is likely a disconnect between what you are committed to and what you want from your future self.

My friend and mentor, Joe Polish, challenged me by saying:

“If you need to be forced to do the things you want to do, you’re not clear on what it is you really want. Make sure your vision reflects your commitments.”

After all, commitment is a level of responsibility.

And if you are finding that you are not committed to what you say you want to do with your life and your business, you need to ask yourself why.

Also, realize that being 98% committed to something is only about 10% as valuable as being 100% committed.

If you always give yourself that wiggle room to escape a commitment, you will constantly be distracted by other options.

Need some help figuring out your vision for your life or your business? Shoot me an email, and we’ll find a time to talk!

Have a great week!


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