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Why Most Marketing Fails

May 13, 2024

Why Most Marketing Fails

You are not in the drycleaning business. Rather, you are in the business of marketing your drycleaner.

This does not sit well with the 60% of our industry who does not believe they need to market their drycleaning businesses. But therein lies the opportunity. When the majority of your competitors are sitting on the sidelines, waiting for customers to come to them, you can be different and easily stand out.

What’s the solution? How can you stand out and be different in the eyes of your prospects and clients? Instead of not doing any marketing, or doing marketing that focuses on you and your services, you can focus on your client first. Not your service. Focus on their problems, fears, and desires, and then only after doing this, tie it back to your service.

Big companies with big advertising budgets (think about the companies behind the Super Bowl commercials) spend money and do not expect an immediate return on their investment.

But your agenda is much simpler. Spend $1 on marketing. Get $2 or more back FAST from your efforts. All marketing must ring your cash drawer. If it doesn’t, do not do it.

SELL something NOW. That is your only goal.

You can only do that if you focus on your prospects and clients using Direct Response Marketing. Not general branding that spotlights your company and services.

I put together a FREE list of Direct Response Marketing rules. Follow these rules and your cash drawer will ring! Get your copy here:

Have a great week!

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