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What do your route drivers do on Wednesdays?

Sep 21, 2021

Most dry cleaners run a route on Mon/Thurs and another on Tues/Fri. Not all. Some of you are still working with the on-demand concept for routes. Most offer these scheduled days. But what is the best use of your driver's time on a Wednesday?


As your clients wrap up summer and gear up for back to school and then the holidays, many of your clients are thinking about sprucing up their household items. I love to keep our drivers busy on Wednesdays by picking up specialty items that take a week to return.  So we go from Wednesday to Wednesday. 


All of our Wednesday pickups and deliveries are scheduled with a one-hour delivery window for the client. Rugs are a great example of a service where you can preschedule the pickup or delivery. If you have to move any furniture for more oversized rugs, you might have to send two team members out for rugs. And the best part is that you don’t have to process them. Almost 70% of rugs in our industry are sent to a vendor to handle these. And they give you a wholesale price so you and the wholesaler can both make a profit.


You can offer drapery and curtain cleaning like rugs and include the takedown and re-hang as added services. Again, we typically send two team members on these jobs, and we schedule them all on Wednesdays with a week's turnaround. 


As we shift to mid-late fall, you want to consider patio cushion cleaning. Last year, we did over $60,000 in 6 weeks in patio cushion cleaning. We did offer complimentary storage for the off-season, which clients loved, and we gave complimentary pickup and delivery for orders of 10+ cushions. This service especially went over well in neighborhoods with large outdoor living spaces and pools.


If you haven’t seen the webinar yet, I did on patio cushion cleaning, reach out to us (information down below) at Maverick Drycleaners, and we’ll email over the link for it. The webinar goes over every detail of making this an amazing source of extra income in a very short amount of time. We also went over exactly how you process, clean, and store them.


Use some of these ideas to keep your route drivers busy on Wednesday, and you will generate a lot more income. You will even find that some of these new clients will want to be added to the route after they understand how easy pickup and delivery service is!

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