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The Power of Specialization

Apr 12, 2022

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competition is to become known as a specialist. Here are a few services that you could specialize in – wedding dress cleaning and/or preservation, alterations, wash and fold laundry, shirt laundry, bedding/comforters, high-end down outerwear, purses, shoe shines / repairs, or leather/suede cleaning.

We have chosen to position In The Bag as specialists in Wash and Fold Laundry and bedding/comforters. Clients know those are service lines that we have strong expertise in. We focus on educating our clients on how we are different in our approach to these service lines and make it clear we are the only choice if they want an expert job done on these items.

Growing up, most of us were not encouraged to be different, and we were not celebrated when we broke free from the herd. So this mindset shift can be difficult if you do not understand the benefit of differentiation through specialization.

If you don’t make a point to show your clients how you are different from your competitors, your clients will see you as the same and will only see price as the differentiator. This is when clients or prospects call around, and price check you against your competition. They are commoditizing you, and treating you like a transaction, rather than a relationship. They will think that all options are the same, and price is the only difference. You NEVER want to be in this situation.

Instead, focus on what you specialize in, and try to make at least one of your primary specialties be something everyone has. That is why we chose bedding (over wedding gowns, for example). Everyone has bedding, but few dry cleaning owners focus on it as a specialty. But not everyone has a wedding dress.

Clients and prospects will not guess you are a specialist at something, and you have to tell them. Make it clear on your website, on social media, in emails, with videos, show before and after pictures..... you could even do webinars or group zoom calls to educate your clients and show that you are an expert.

What specialty are you going to choose? If you aren’t different from your competition and can’t communicate any difference to your clients, then don’t expect them to see you as different. When society and early education is telling you to fit in and be part of the crowd, know that in business, this is almost certain death. Be different. Be a specialist. Be an expert. Position yourself and your company as trusted advisors. And watch your revenues soar!

Have a great week, friends!

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