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The Most Common Marketing Failure

Nov 09, 2023

If your marketing is about you or your business, you’ve already failed.
This applies to all industries, not just dry cleaning.

All great marketing relies, at its core, on building a sense of trust with your clients.  You don’t build trust by talking endlessly about yourself. You do it by telling your clients what’s in it for them. The benefits they receive from doing business with you.  They’re looking for solutions and you have them, so you’re marketing the solutions, not marketing yourself.

It’s a really impactful combination because you’re building trust and removing pain by explaining the benefits of your service. That could be more time, confidence, or even sanity… but regardless of what benefit you’re offering, it needs to be about them.

Trust -> benefits/your solution -> removal of pain -> your offer.

This is the best marketing journey to follow, and it all hinges on your marketing focus, so you want to make sure you nail it every time.

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