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The Money Pyramid – Advanced

Sep 27, 2022

Last week, we talked about The Money Pyramid, and how it applies to the target clients we intentionally go after.


This week, let’s look at it from a little different angle.


Where is your company on The Money Pyramid?

Where are you on The Money Pyramid?

Where do you want to be?


I have been rich.

And I have been broke.

And everything in between.

Let me tell you – rich is better.

Money can not fix everything.

But it can fix most things.


And the larger the company revenue, the more you can afford a team of “A players” that can take care of your operations for you while you work on strategic growth.


Also, remember that progress creates motivation.

And motivation creates more progress.

That is the flywheel you want to be on.

Which is why it is critical to celebrate your progress.

It motivates you to go after more progress.


Print the graphic above.

With the annual sales targets by company on the left, go ahead and put an “X’ where you currently are.

And then put a “checkmark” where you want to be in 3-5 years.

We will discuss how you get from the X to the check mark, but the first step is putting the goal down on paper.

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