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The Magic Ingredients

Nov 16, 2021

It is important to have the right ingredients to produce the taste and experience you want when you are cooking. Likewise, there are a set of ingredients needed for you to be successful and gain market share in the dry cleaning business. And here they are:


  1. Define your ideal client. Choose a niche. A segment of the market that you will focus on. You can’t be everything to everyone, so don’t try. If you struggle with this, do some work profiling your top 5% of clients. Who are they, what do they do for work, where do they live, and how do they spend their time. A simple survey sent to your top clients can answer most of these questions.
  2. Identify a significant problem, pain, or challenge your ideal client has. The most common in our industry has been not enough time, self-confidence, and family health. Think outside the box here. You could very well come up with the next big pain point our industry can solve.
  3. Present your solution to this problem, pain, or challenge. Create a mechanism or opportunity for your ideal client to buy this solution. Make it very simple and clear what your ideal client needs to do to capture your solution to fix their pain point.
  4. Ensure that your client achieves the result you intended from the solution you offered. This will include an awesome client experience. And will require you to ask if they received the benefits you promised.
  5. Ask your client to share their Happy Experience with others. This will include social proof (testimonials, referrals), and if they were delighted by the benefits and experience, ask if you can share their story with others.


Once you understand this sequence, you will use marketing to AMPLIFY your reach—both with attracting and acquiring new clients and ascending existing clients.


Remember that bad experiences and inadequate services (that don’t solve challenges) don’t scale. But good experiences and good services (that solve challenges) do scale. Oftentimes very rapidly.


Really understand and focus on these ingredients. Keep repeating this with each service you have. And always have feedback loops with your clients so you can always be developing the next service that presents a solution to your ideal clients’ pain points.

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