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The Best Way to Hire

Sep 14, 2021


Hiring team members is a lot like Marketing. Instead of looking at the client journey, we look at the team member journey instead. As you become a better marketer, you will notice that you naturally do a better job of hiring. Mostly because you know that good results come from a focus towards building the relationship through the stages of Know-Like-Trust.
You first attract clients by having a good reputation (digital and offline), being active in your community, and sharing your story. People love good stories.
You also attract team members. Maybe you show a hiring video of your team members how great it is working at your company, how they love having flowers sent to them on their birthday, and as the owner, you can explain your vision/mission statement to the prospects.
You acquire both clients and team members. Typically by putting an irresistible offer in front of the ideal prospect.
Then you appreciate them once they either give you an order (clients) or begin their new job (team members) with you.
You ascend them by presenting new offers (clients) and new opportunities (team members).
You retain the good clients by showing you care if they go out of pattern. And you work hard to retain your best team members too by random acts of kindness, development of their skills and value to the company, and other acts of appreciation.
And then, when they have been with you a while and are proven to be a strong team member, you can ask them to refer any prospective team members. And make sure you reward that person for referring a new team member.
Hiring became much easier when I understood this flow – very similar to marketing. It shows that you are relationship-focused and not just looking for a warm body. To attract the right talent, you have to focus on the long game.
If you treat your team members as a transaction and don’t show you care by going through these steps, they will treat you like a commodity, and when a little more money comes along, they will be gone. Instead, treat them like a relationship where you genuinely care about them and their growth in your company, you will invest in them, and you will focus on helping them become the best version of themselves.

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