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The A.I. Revolution

Sep 11, 2023

Recently, one of my Mastermind Groups came to Wichita for our annual Maverick Summit. We take three days together, learn a lot about ourselves, our businesses, each other, new trends in the marketplace, and set goals to take our businesses to the next level. I also open In The Bag Cleaners for our members to see our central 20,000 square foot workshop (our production hub), our retail stores, and talk with our team leaders. 
During these three days, we also have a lot of fun together. We went out to Chicken and Pickle for a fun first night out, playing pickleball into the night, and seeing who was the champ of jumbo Jenga and cornhole. The second night, my wife, Aram, and I opened our house for a Mexican inspired dinner, we hung out around the pool, played mini-golf, and went out for a boat ride on the lake. It was a wonderful few days with great friends who are all looking to improve their businesses. It is so much easier to achieve your goals when you have the support of a like-minded group of peers.
One of the most exciting developments is how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting the marketing world. My friend, Cohen Wills, who owns Cleaner.Marketing which is a marketing company dedicated primarily to the digital marketing needs of drycleaners, presented on this rapidly changing technology. 
As a group, we pulled up ChatGPT (Google and Apple are releasing their own versions) and saw how the technology could craft a three-step email sequence to our target avatar with certain pain points and desires. In about 45 seconds, the three robust emails were created and I would say were 90% of the way done. They were really good! We only needed to add a few details and the emails were ready to be scheduled to be sent.
We had a great discussion of whether this technology would replace people, and we don’t think so. While we can leverage this technology to increase productivity, we think it will improve the baseline of good copywriting allowing for a stronger foundation and for more automation. As Four Seasons says, it will allow us to Systemize the Ordinary, so we have adequate resources to Personalize the Extraordinary.
What extraordinary objectives can we focus on as we systemize ordinary processes? It is what I call the “Real AI revolution.” The real revolution is your company’s ability to help your top 20% of clients (who give you 80% of your business) feel appreciated and important. These extraordinary actions are little things you can do to help your clients feel like they are part of a caring relationship with you and your team members. It is a focus on the little things:

  • The short call to say thank you. 
  • The genuine handshake when you welcome back a client who drifted away. 
  • Helping a senior client to their car with clean clothing. 
  • A handwritten note signed by the owner. 
  • A genuine smile. 
  • An apology when needed. 
  • A rose or a carnation given to women close to Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. 
  • A free trial.
  • A complimentary repair. 
  • Please and thank yous. 
  • A free shoe shine. 
  • The little things that personalize the extraordinary.

These are the conversations I love having with our Mastermind members. Most members went home with 20+ pages of notes or desired action items. We will help them prioritize those notes down so the cleaner can implement the most important action items.
Do you think a Mastermind group like ours is out of reach financially? You might be surprised. The investment is only $495 per month, which monthly includes two 90-minute zoom meetings hosted by me, a 90-minute Q+A zoom session, a community on Slack, a quarterly one-on-one meeting with me to set goals, our annual summit, and access to all of my courses and Tribe trainings. Pop over to to check it out! We help motivated drycleaners compress time and get to the top five percent of the industry.
Have a great week!

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