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Spring Appreciation Event

Mar 22, 2022

Do you send your spouse flowers “just because?”

Or whatever the equivalent is for a guy – maybe a foot rub?
Ha! I say that in case there is a remote chance my wife might read my post!

At In The Bag, we decided to shake things up a bit this Spring.
And make sure that we really show appreciation for our clients.

Yes, we’ve had it tough the past couple of years during the pandemic.
But many of our clients have experienced a really turbulent couple of years too.
And they stuck with us.
And they need to know, without any question, that we really APPRECIATE them!

I sometimes have to remind myself what one of my mentors, Joe Polish said, “there is one rule to marketing => DON’T BE BORING!”

For five days in April, we are going to give existing and new clients 50% off of any one drop-off (or, if they are a route client, any one pickup).

We call it the Pack The Sack Appreciation Event.
We will hand out very large bags the week before (from our poly provider Luetzow) that are clear, professional looking, and very strong.

There won’t be many exceptions – must be presented with incoming order (standard for us), no wedding dresses, leathers, alterations, or area rugs.One per client.
Everything else is fair game!

When I told my Mastermind groups I was going to do this, and I asked who wanted to do it with me, all I got was silence. And then someone said, “Are you kidding?”

No, I wasn’t kidding. And I quickly realized I had to share more about the “why” behind this campaign:

I believe that as humans, we have a relationship equity account with everyone we have a relationship with – like a bank account.

When we give and contribute value to others, we make a deposit into that account.

And when we ask a favor, make a mistake, or take from a client, we make a withdrawal from that account.

The name of the game, like a bank account, is always to keep your relationship equity accounts positive. Which means you are giving more than you are taking.

This goes for relationships with family, clients, team members, friends, and any other actively engaged relationship.

I am choosing to make a big deposit this April – and for five days, it will be less money into my checking account (although from our experience doing this before, it will not cut sales in half). It will be closer to a 25% deficit.

And I choose to do this at the beginning of our three-month high season.

You might think they will bring everything in that they own on one visit. But that is not what happens. They bring in a large group of clothes for the 50% Discount.

And that primes the pump for the few VERY lucrative months ahead.
My testing is that clients bring in far more during the high season if you get them started big at the beginning of the high season.

It is also the time when I do my semi-annual price increase.
So that will also knock down part of the deficit too for the five days.

There is another trick to this – which most people don’t like to talk about......
Most people don’t have the guts to do this.

This means if you send out the message (like we are doing above) and put it everywhere you can think of – Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Email, Batch Texting, Video Email from owner, Ringless Voicemail, etc – you will stand out in your market in a BIG WAY!

And if you give it a shot, you will be in good company.
I now have more than half of my mastermind members committed to doing this Spring Appreciation Event in April 2022 (don’t call it a “sale” by the way).

After all, that’s what makes us Mavericks.
We do what others won’t, so we can have what others don’t.

Have a great week, my friends!

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