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Skip The Line

Oct 19, 2021

Disney has an amazing add-on service called Fast Pass. It will add about $20 to your ticket that costs about $100 for kids and $150 for adults. It allows you to schedule when you want to go on popular rides and skip the line at your time.


And there is another option above the Fast Pass add-on at Disney. And that is to get a VIP Guide which can cost you around $500 per hour with a minimum of 7 hours. And with this program, not only do you skip the lines, the guide transports you around the park (or multiple parks), takes all of the pictures, gets you water/snacks / iced tea when you need it. Private dining is given during lunch and/or dinner. And additional pampering too.


So WHY do people sign up for these options? On the surface, it might seem like these people want the ultimate convenience. Or at least to make the trip a little bit less rushed and more enjoyable. After all, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who enjoys standing in line to then flip the light switch to FUN MODE when they get to the front of the line.


My theory is that people have a deep yearning to feel important and significant. And if they can show their spouse, their family, possibly their friends, and even complete strangers that they are indeed IMPORTANT, it makes the trip that much better. If we’re being honest, don’t we all want to FEEL SIGNIFICANT? Of course, we do. Some of us do it for ourselves. And some of us do it for others.


How can we use this lesson in our business? There are tons of ways. But first, remember the goal is to help the client feel important by making their life better. Here are some ideas:


  • Ask for a credit card on file for retail clients to speed up pick-ups
  • Give clients a VIP bag (or two), personalized with their name, for easy drop off
  • Offer convenient route service to their home
  • Offer a 24” Z-Rack for their garage (we use the durable one from U-line)
  • Give route clients the cell phone number of their driver (company provided cell phone)
  • Offer a branded bottle of water when they visit a retail store


The name of the game is to genuinely grow relationships with your clients by helping them to FEEL important, appreciated, and included. The investment in any of these tactics mentioned above will all be well worth it!

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