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Sell them what they WANT

Feb 01, 2022

A lot of business owners make a crucial mistake with their marketing. They use their marketing to try and sell their clients or prospects on what the owner thinks the clients need. And this strategy turns a lot of clients and prospects off.

Plain and simple, people buy what they want. Which is very different from what you think they need. I learned that the hard way when I first started Maverick Drycleaners. I thought dry cleaning owners needed to have a different mindset and that they needed to have more freedom from their business. And I still do think this. But I quickly found out that what they really wanted was more cash flow.

I shifted gears focused on introducing myself as someone who can help with their marketing, which would provide higher sales and more profit. This all created more cash flow for them, which is what my target clients want. Then later, once I have given them what they want and have built up some trust, I slowly introduce the things I think they really need.

All people create their wants in two buckets. One is reducing pain, and the other is creating pleasure/gain. Believe it or not, most people prioritize reducing pain over gaining pleasure. So, to figure out what your clients want, you need to find out their pain points and find out their goals and dreams. Those things are what they really want.

The most common pain is not having enough TIME. Our clients are so busy, and they want to have some things done for them to focus on more important things in their lives. Giving back time is how you properly position Wash, Dry, Fold.

Our clients might also be concerned about keeping their families safe with proper sanitation. This is how you properly position bedding, including comforters and other household items.

Be a solutions provider. Take away a clients’ pain or help them achieve a particular gain. Give them what they want, especially at the beginning of the relationship. Later you can introduce all of the things you think they might need.

Have a wonderful week, my friends!

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