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Positioning Your Premium Services

Nov 30, 2023

Why do people buy a Mercedes automobile? 
If you guessed safety features, an upscale dashboard display, a robust engine, tight suspension, or fine leather, you would be wrong.
People buy from an emotional level and they justify the emotional purchase with logic.
The purchaser is often only aware of the logical reasons, not the original emotional decision to purchase.
In many cases, these purchasers subconsciously want to belong to the group of people who already own a product or use a given service.
A large amount of people make the subconscious emotional decision to buy a Mercedes because they desire to become like those who already own a Mercedes.
This is where brand image is important. The image created for a certain product or service encourages the consumer to buy a brand with an emotional decision because they want to belong to the group of people who already own that brand.
You can create a brand image clients want to identify with, and desire...or you could create a brand image they don’t want to identify with.
If your drycleaning service is exclusive and focuses on serving affluent homeowners, you will naturally attract those wanting to identify with this group.
The perception is that clients who already use your premium service expect a high attention to detail and exceptional customer service. My friend, Jason Loeb and his team at Sudsies do this exceptionally well.
Also, when you add bonuses like we do at In The Bag (a meaningful welcome gift, personal phone calls, fast problem resolution, and video communications) clients at this level feel treated well. They love it so much they tell their friends about it.
The desire to belong and identify with a group is one of the most significant triggers to why someone buys certain products and services.
You can use this to your advantage by creating a service that represents what your target deeply desires.
Always remember: clients want to feel appreciated and important. I call this the “Real A.I. Revolution.” When everyone else is trying to automate and systemize everything, using technology to standardize and de-personalize the service, you can go the other way. 
Do you and your services help people feel appreciated and important, and does your brand represent this?
Have a wonderful day!

- Dave

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