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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Nov 20, 2023

After 23 years of owning my own business, and now four years of coaching other business owners, I have learned a business owner almost always loses by beating himself/herself.


Please - do not have limiting beliefs in yourself. I have seen many a business owner self-sabotage because they did not feel worthy of the success they were having.


It is similar to a football game where one team fumbles on the goal line. They lost confidence and we all have this fear of losing or tripping up when it really counts just short of our goal.


If you are more interested in the process, then you will not be focused on the goal line. There is no goal line. There is no finish line.


Your focus is on the process. The doing. The approach becomes the destination.

Not the winning. Or the losing.


You can shift away from being destination-focused.

You see, the race is never over.


For marketing, which gives you the ability to create top-line sales on demand, there is no point at which you have learned it all and have learned everything.


Your learning potential is unlimited. With each tactic, strategy, and mindset you learn and implement, you are growing, enjoying the process, implementing. All the while you’re gaining more confidence and greater capabilities. This gives you more courage to make more commitments and further expand your capabilities.


Most people focus on business like it is a checklist or a system. They believe if they execute the checklist or system correctly, they will make more money. They set a sales target or a profit target. They keep learning so they can arrive at their new target destination.


Life doesn’t have to work this way with a bunch of ups and downs, with destinations achieved and many destinations never achieved.


Immerse yourself in the process. Love the doing. Enjoy what you are learning.

The race is never over. The score only matters if you have limiting beliefs in yourself.


There are no secrets that others know and you don’t know.

There are only things you have not learned yet.

Enjoy the learning.


Have a great week!


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