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Overcome Your Number One Challenge

Apr 01, 2024

What is the Number One Challenge in your business right now?

Your number one challenge can easily preoccupy your resources, including your time, money, confidence, and energy.

Left unresolved, your number one challenge usually keeps you from seizing your number one opportunity.

Here are some of the more common number one challenges I have seen over the past couple of years coaching drycleaning owners, in no particular order:

• Develop and implement marketing systems to grow revenue
• Open a new store or route
• Increase cash flow
• Limit the financial dip of low seasons
• Add a new service
• Change the company culture to being positive and growth focused
• Outsource less services
• Convert counter to route clients
• Create clear systems for each department
• Make sure the right team member is in the right position
• Hiring and onboarding system
• Accounts receivables collections
• Focus my time on high value activities
• Develop a General Manager / Director of Operations
• Develop my team to be more independent
• Decrease production payroll
• Increase piece count

Sometimes you know what you need to do to remove the obstacle of your number one challenge.

You might be fighting procrastination, juggling too many tasks, lack the confidence to tackle it, or have convinced yourself multi-tasking is a valuable skills of yours.

More common, is that you do not know how to remove the obstacle of your number one challenge. If you did, you likely would not have the obstacle. You would have already removed it and you would be focusing on something else.

This is where a supportive community can help you. If possible, find someone you trust who has recently solved your umber one challenge and learn from them how they did it.
By doing so, you will compress time, and shorten your learning curve.

If it is someone you trust and respect, you will see it through to remove the number one challenge because you don’t want to let that person down.

A group of your peers can also be a valuable resource in solving big challenges. DLI membership provides this group as do our Maverick Warrior meetings. We use a lot of our time together during our quarterly meetings to better understand our number one challenge and then solve it together as a group.

There is no shame in seeking the help of others.
We are each good at certain things and other things are just more challenging.

If you are in a group or have work friends who are not helping you solve your greatest challenges on a regular basis, then you are probably in the wrong group.

I also wanted to list some of these common challenges I hear about so you can read them and not feel alone. You are not the only one working through these types of challenges. We all are.

Need help on a particular challenge? Reach out to me at [email protected] and I will do everything I can to help you remove the obstacle. If I don’t have the answer for you, I’ll find it.

Have a great week!


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