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Marketing Systems – Part 1

Dec 14, 2021

At least once per year, usually, when I am doing my annual planning, I like to remind myself of the key marketing systems for our dry cleaning company. I want to share with you the 12 questions I ask myself. And I hope that regardless of where you are on your journey and regardless of your company's size, these questions will be helpful to you.


Q1 – Have you recently segmented your list? How much have your top 5% of clients given you in sales in the last 12 months? How about the next 15%? And how about the bottom 80%?

Q2 – What have you learned about your top 20% of clients that have given you 75-80% of your revenue? Where do they live? What services do they use? What services do they not use regularly? What top 5 professions make up your top 20% of clients?

Q3 – How are you creating "prospect awareness?" Basically, what are you doing to attract the best prospects and make sure they know you exist?

Q4 – What regular system(s) do you have to acquire your best prospects? Describe the system in detail.


Q5 – What is your process for onboarding new clients? Do they feel appreciated and important? Do they feel a connection with you, the owner?

Q6 – How do you recognize and show ongoing appreciation for your top 20% of clients?

Keep an eye out next week for the other six questions. Knowing the answers to these twelve questions and consistently improving the answers to be as client-centric as possible will add a lot of sales to your company. 

Instead of passively waiting for clients to bring you items when they are ready, you are taking an active approach and putting systems in place to prompt, remind, and create clear calls to action for your clients.

Need help with creating the right answers to these questions? Grab 45 minutes here on my calendar, and let's have a discussion on how my team and I can help you:

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