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Irresistible Offers

May 18, 2021


There are three points in the client journey when you want to be prepared to offer an irresistible offer to your target client or existing client.

The first is when you are acquiring the client. You are asking them to take a risk by switching their routine and trying your service. By giving them an irresistible offer, ideally with a guarantee, you will remove the risk of trying your services.

The second time to offer an irresistible offer is when you want to get an existing client to try a new service of yours that they are not using. Like the point of acquisition, you are introducing something new, asking for a change in their routine, and must reduce the risk the client might feel.

The third time to use an irresistible offer is when you are trying to reengage a client that is out of pattern or lost. You might have done something wrong. Or your team might have given the client a feeling of indifference. Whatever drove them away needs to be countered with an irresistible offer to get them back.

What you choose as an irresistible offer is up to you, as it can vary by market. Here in the Midwest, a $15 comforter cleaning is irresistible for acquiring new clients. A 33% discount does very well for re-engaging out of pattern clients or introducing new services.

Again, do not be nervous about over-discounting and degrading your brand. We are only talking about three instances during the entire life cycle of your client. And we are only talking about doing this when it is given to a client who is in your top 20% or has similar attributes to those in your top 20%.

Come up with your irresistible offers for each of these three steps in the client journey, and feel free to post them below. Thanks for reading, and have an amazing week!

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