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How to Get What you Want

Jun 17, 2024

There are two ways to get everything you want in life.

One is to take it. Someone else has it. You want it. You figure out how to take it from them. Like robbing a bank. Or a one-night stand.

The other way is to help others get what they want in life. In exchange for that value, they give you what you want.

When you offer your services to your clients, and present an offer to them, make sure it is truly in their best interest, not just in your best interest.

You will accelerate through the “Know / Like / Trust sequence” each client experiences. When you show up with your messaging and offers that are not a bait and switch or not a quick take you will be seen as a giver rather than a taker. Your clients will move to a position of trust much quicker.

Once they trust you, they will come more often, and spend more money with you. They will also be more open to subscriptions, moving to your route service, more loyal, and more willing to try other services you offer.

Start developing the motto “what’s best for you is best for me” in all of your relationships – your team, your clients, and all of your personal relationships. By helping others get everything they want, you will get everything you want.

Have a great week!



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