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Hitting Singles

Oct 09, 2023

 In baseball, the greatest home run hitters become household names and heroes. Guys like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Alex Rodriguez, Hank Aaron, Ken Griffey Jr., and Babe Ruth. I’m not a big baseball fan but these guys are legends.
I was a home run hitter for many, many years. I put so much pressure on myself for every idea, tactic, and strategy to be a home run. I was swinging for the fences each day when I woke up. I wasn’t content and just kept pushing myself. 
Nobody told me how stressful the dry spells are between the home runs. There are a lot of strikeouts, pop flies, and walks in between the game-winning home runs that make you a hero. The stress was one of the reasons I was drinking so much.
To avoid the unnecessary stresses of the low and long valleys between home run ideas and results, I decided to give up some of my desire to be the hero along with giving up drinking about 10 years ago (next month). 
I made two changes that forever changed my life:
#1 – I wake up each day focused on hitting a single rather than hitting a home run. I let the ego go. It is more about what I can give than what I can receive. My slow and steady daily contribution (my single) compounds quickly and yields more results than the occasional home run.
#2 – I made my clients the heroes in my professional journey and worked hard to help them achieve more success by offering our services to them. My success is measured by the value I bring to others in the marketplace.
Give it a shot. Wake up tomorrow and just go hit a single. Your world will be transformed from this simple mindset shift.
Have a great week!

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