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Heading into High Earnings Season - Profit Maximizing Tips

Apr 08, 2024

For most drycleaners across the United States, the months of April / May / June are some of the highest revenue months of the year. I wanted to give you a few reminders as you enter this season so you can make sure to maximize both revenue and profits.

As you enter the change of seasons, you will start with a mix of cold days and warm days. This is the time of the year when our clients have two wardrobes going – one for the colder temperatures and one for the warmer temperatures. Make sure you are promoting both types of clothing.

When you reach the tipping point of shifting more to all days being warm, you’ll want to encourage your clients to clean their cold weather clothing one final time before they put it away for the season. This includes sweaters, coats, jackets, heavier sportscoats and blazers, hats, gloves, and ski attire.

This is also the time to educate (not scare) your clients about moths, silverfish, and other insects that can cause damage to their fine clothing. Let customers know insects are not trying to eat their fabrics. Instead, the insects cut away at the fabrics to access stains for food. This is why it is imperative to have items cleaned before storage. When the garments are clean, the insects will seek food from other sources and leave the clothes alone. Also, deterrents like cedar sticks or hangers can be sold or gifted to clients. This will help repel some types of insects.

These spring months are also excellent times to attract and acquire new, right fit clients. You might want to increase your Google ads or Facebook ad budgets for acquisition, and you can send out additional postcard mailers, EDDM mailers, or acquisition letters. It is always easier to “catch fish when the fish are biting.”

Finally, don’t forget to focus on re-engaging lost or out-of-pattern clients. Almost anyone who has used your company in the past will have something to bring in over the next few months, including a high profit item like a comforter, area rug, patio cushions, or draperies. Let your clients know spring cleaning is an excellent time to put away their winter clothes, but also a time to freshen up their household items.

There is tremendous opportunity over the next few months to push your revenues to new highs. You can do it!

Have a great week-

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