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Harness the 10/20 Rule

Jan 22, 2024

This will be a welcome break from my usual focus on the 80/20 rule (The Pareto Principle). I love the 80/20 rule and it applies to almost everything, especially when you are acquiring, ascending, and retaining your clients but the 10/20 rule is totally different.

I learned the 10/20 rule from Mike Agugliaro, someone who has had a couple $40 million + exits from both a service business and a coaching business. Mike says that if you want to 10x anything in your life, you have to 20x yourself first.

The investment and upgrade are rarely in the tactic or strategy you need to deploy. You typically know what you need to do and usually the tactic or strategy is not what is holding you back: You are.

Which means you can be both the problem and the solution. Unless you take full responsibility for your situation, you will not have the capacity to grow because you are looking for external ways to go to the next level instead of internal ways to improve yourself.

Personal development is the key to unlock the next level of growth. Whether that is in your personal happiness, money, faith, relationships, confidence, health, or career. Searching for satisfaction or contentment in any of these areas is fruitless if you are not developing yourself to attract and retain these things in your life.

Many things can hold back our growth. Bad habits, poor health (physical, mental, or spiritual), lack of time management, addictions, self-sabotage, negative self-talk, toxic people, and many more.

Achieving 10x growth in any area of your life is not unattainable. For example, jot down what you are making in earnings right now per year. I bet there was a time when you made one tenth of that amount. Which means you have 10x-ed your income at least once.

If you look deeply at this, you were able to 10x because you upgraded your learning, thinking, and actions by at least 20x. You grew personally by 20x.

So, next time you feel stuck, and want to get over that current hurdle, please know that you can upgrade any part of your life, but you must do it by upgrading yourself.

You can do this! You can create the life you intentionally design.
Make the right investments. Most of which will be in YOU.

Have a great week!

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