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Going Back To The Well

Jun 07, 2022

Do you need more money?

The best people to get money from are people that have already given you money in the past.


Just like the very best place to get water is a well where there is already water. Keep going back to the same well, and keep pulling up water.


Or like oil wells. In the Midwest, there are a lot of oil wells with pumps set up right above the well. And that pump just keeps on pumping oil until there is no more oil.


One thing I’ve noticed is that those oil wells or water wells aren’t moved very often.


Think of your clients as a well. Some are very active and jump in the bucket every chance they get, and others occasionally get in the bucket only when they are interested. And then there are other clients that have drifted away and are looking at different buckets.


Go back to your well.


Get current clients to spend more and come more often.


Get inactive clients to get excited about your services again.


Sometimes we think that our best opportunity is all about acquiring new clients. However, the acquisition of new, right-fit clients is the most expensive, time-consuming, and resource-draining marketing activity there is.


It is important to get new clients. 


But your existing clients are where the true riches are.


What does this have to do with marketing? Everything.

Your ability to pull water from the well is marketing.

It is the same as your ability to attract and acquire money from your clients.


Some people, like me, have worked hard to become very proficient at this task. And others have not.

The good news is that I love to share marketing strategies and tactics that have been tested and proven over my 20+ years in the industry.


What is the easiest way to become proficient at marketing?


Position yourself as a trusted advisor, always be adding value to your clients, and build a rapport where they know, like, and trust you. Then when you suggest they take action, they most likely will.


Are you interested in learning more about marketing? Send me an email at [email protected] and put MARKETING in the subject line. I will send you some cool stuff and tell you about some of our programs.


Have a wonderful week, my friend!


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