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Get your message to the right people

Jul 12, 2022


What’s Marketing?

Putting the right message in front of the right list.


Let’s unpack that because this one sentence can, and will, change your life.

Step #1: Determine the right list

There are two “right lists.”

The first is a list of your current clients, which are the 20% of your clients that give you 70-80% of your revenue. We can call these your top clients.

The second is a list of target clients that are not using your services yet but have many of the same attributes (demographic profile) as your current top 20% in list #1.

These two lists are who you should be marketing to on a regular basis.

Step #2: What message should you put in front of these lists?

For list #1, your current top 20%, you have three goals with your messaging: 

  1. Retain them as clients by making sure they feel appreciated, important, and included in their relationship with you.
  2. Get them to come more often..... increase their frequency of visits.
  3. Get them to spend more each time.... increase the monetary value of their visits.

For list #2, your target clients, the primary goal is to acquire them as a paying client. You can do this by positioning yourself and your team as trusted advisors who always put your clients’ needs above yours. You want these people to know how useful and capable you and your team are so they have confidence and will LOVE doing business with you.

Your messaging MUST come after you determine your “right lists.” You need to know what cars they drive, what neighborhoods they live in, whether they have kids that live at home, roughly what their household income is, and ideally, what their desires, fears, and pains are. Your messaging should be to enter a conversation that person is already having in their mind. For example..... not enough hours in the week? We’ll do your laundry, and you will get 12 hours of much-needed time to do something more meaningful.

Step #3 (bonus): How do you deliver the right message to that right list?

When choosing a media type to deliver your right message to the right list, remember that you always want to meet the client or prospect in an uncongested place (few distractions) that they pay attention to.

Caution: you must be able to differentiate between current and target clients with your media choice. If you run a TV or radio ad, you will have no control over this as anybody can see it. Some social media platforms get a little better as you can target look-a-like lists. Services like Val-Pak do not differentiate between your current clients and target client. If you can’t break out current from target, don’t use that media. This is because the messaging and offers need to be VERY different for current versus target clients. You have very different goals for each.

My favorite media is direct mail. Postcards for existing top 20% clients (they already trust us, and just need reminders and education) and a series of handwritten notes for target clients (there are services that can do this for you). I also love texting for existing clients.

And there you have it. The three steps that must be the foundation of all the marketing that you do for current top 20% clients and target clients. If you LOVE this and want to learn more about marketing the Maverick way, check out our 8-week Marketing Masterclass:

Have a wonderful week, my friends!


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