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Fulfill the Six Human Needs

Feb 12, 2024

If you want to be a great marketer, it is important to understand what makes people tick. You are in the fulfillment business. A client or prospect has a problem and you have a solution to make their problem better. You are able to monetize this solution since it is valuable to your client or prospect.

An understanding of The Six Human Needs is very helpful if you want to make a difference in the lives of your clients, in the lives of your team members, and in the lives of your loved ones. It is also helpful to understand these needs as you progress on your own journey. I originally learned these from Tony Robbins and try to intertwine them into my business and daily life. Here goes:

1. Certainty: assurance you can avoid pain and gain pleasure
2. Uncertainty / Variety: the need for the unknown, change
3. Significance: feeling unique, important, special, or needed
4. Connection / Love: a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something
5. Growth: an expansion of capacity, capability or understanding
6. Contribution: a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to, and supporting others

How you rank these six needs explains why you are the way you are as a person and a leader. The top four needs shape our personality, while the last two shape our spirituality.

Once you recognize each of these needs in yourself, your loved ones, and your friends, you will get better at how to recognize these needs in your clients and prospects.

Prioritize your needs. Help those close to you prioritize their needs. Use your business as a tool to help your team members and clients meet their needs.

Have a great week!

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