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Focus.... what gets you from struggle to opportunity

Mar 15, 2022

I sent out an email to all of the Mavericks on our email list this past week, and simply asked what they are struggling with right now. 

The number of responses I received was amazing, and I wanted to share those struggles with you here, in order of the most replies on each subject:

  1. Staff Shortages
  2. Growing my route
  3. Sales volume down
  4. Acquisition of new clients
  5. Creating systems so the owner could achieve more freedom
  6. Supply shortages
  7. Cash Flow
  8. Exit Strategy


I really appreciated hearing from everyone that shared their greatest struggle right now. In fact, there were a lot of people that were struggling with a number of these challenges. And I know first-hand that can be a lot like juggling a bunch of balls or spinning a lot of plates. If one gets out of control, it is easy for all of them to get out of control.

When you struggle with something in your business, it has a way of consuming all of your energy. Especially if there are multiple challenges hitting you all at once. When your challenges get all of your energy, there is not much time to focus on opportunities (like marketing) in front of you. You just get to work, have blinders on, and do everything to just get the work of the day completed. Your time perspective is very short.

By focusing at least ONE HOUR of time each day on your #1 Challenge, you will be focused and will get much faster traction to turn the corner on that challenge. Then, also spend ONE HOUR focused on your #1 Opportunity each day. Each hour, one for your #1 Challenge, and one for your #1 Opportunity should be done in a place where you are not distracted, and bad habits like social media / useless texting / etc. cannot shift your focus away. You will see your time perspective increase.


And if you have a challenge to add to the list above, shoot it over to me at [email protected].  It is important that I craft these emails and monthly webinars to be focused on helping you knock down your challenges and to seize your greatest opportunities. This will create the greatest amount of growth and breakthroughs for you.

Over the past year and a half, we have focused on these topics and more with the monthly webinars put on by DLI. Please look in the Member’s Area and you will find a list of links that will take you to recordings of all of those webinars. Have a great week, my friends!

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