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Exponential Growth

Feb 08, 2022

For the first half of my career as a dry cleaning owner, my focus was on growing my company 10-20% per year in top-line sales. That seemed pretty aggressive to me, and I hit that target most years. And I felt satisfied—strong, linear growth.

But then I stumbled across Jay Abraham’s teachings on exponential growth. And it really intrigued me because I had always tried just to change one thing (top line sales) and get one result (10-20% growth).

Jay explained exponential growth, so it made sense. He said that whenever you have a goal, figure out three things that would contribute to making that goal happen. For example, since January 1st, I have been working really hard to lose some weight. I had really let myself go, and I knew that getting healthy was the one thing that could improve a lot of different parts of my life.

To lose some weight I have been focusing on three factors, that when working together, can create exponential results (weight loss). They are water intake, nutrition, and activity. I set out to make a difference in each of these three areas. I increased my water intake by 20% to 120 ounces per day. I changed my nutrition to cut out 20% of caloric intake (including most sugar). And I increased my daily steps by 20% to a minimum of 10,000 steps per day.

By making a 20% difference in these three areas, my results have become exponential compared to if I had been working on only one of those three factors. In fact, my outcome is not 20%, and it is not 60%. It is actually 66%. After almost 30 days, I am down 17 pounds, more than I could have hoped for in my first 30 days. Plus, the energy I have is awesome!

Let’s bring this back to marketing. There are only three ways to increase your revenue  1) More new clients, 2) Get current clients to visit more often, and 3) Increase the monetary value of the visits. Improve each of these 10%, and your revenue growth will actually be 33%.Wowzers. That’s what I’m talking about. Improve just one 10%, and your results will be 10%. Not as good.

This is how to grow rapidly. Improve multiple factors that can work together to compound and make exponential growth. Think of this each time you have a goal. Any goal. Business, personal, or in your relationships.

Have a great week, my friends!

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