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Creating Your Dream 100

Oct 26, 2021

The concept of the Dream 100 was initially introduced by Chet Holmes and later fully developed by Dana Derricks. Instead of going after your potential clients directly, like 99% of businesses or salespeople, you go after people with LISTS of your potential clients. I love this because you will find that almost nobody in your market is focused on this concept. This allows you to tap in the trust that your affiliate partner already has with their list and leverage it to get more clients for your dry cleaning company.


You could focus on paid traffic or other traffic sources, but that generally takes a lot of time to tune in the right message to the right market using the correct media type. There can be a very steep learning curve. And even if your paid traffic (typically Google or Facebook ads) is targeted, which it must be to produce results, you are basically taking a big net in the ocean and hoping you pull up some fish.


Affiliates allow you to invite “friends of a friend” to try out your services. Now there is a downside. And that is for an affiliate relationship to be effective and optimized, you must give an incentive to the affiliate, which usually is a cut of the sale generated from the affiliate relationship. But that is okay. Acquiring new “right fit clients” is not cheap. This tactic allows you to really control the quantity and quality of the potential client.


While these new potential clients have not purchased from you yet, they actually are considered warm or hot traffic because they have already purchased from your trusted partner, your affiliate. When done correctly, the affiliate will introduce you to their list, sharing the unique benefits of doing business with you. You can help with this, but you do not want to introduce yourself. It is far less compelling!


Let’s take an example: let’s say you go to a clothing store that sells dry cleaning items and laundered dress shirts. That is the perfect audience for your business. And that clothing store offers a special deal for their clients – fill this plastic bag (easy to logo) with clothing and get it processed for FREE. Or if that is too aggressive and makes you squirm a bit, maybe offer a percentage off discount. And to say thank you, give the owner FREE cleaning or give all clothing associates 50% off and get them to push the deal out to their list (with an introduction to you) 2-4 times per year.


The point is that you are leveraging an existing relationship between your affiliate and their clients….. who also could be your clients. Start asking “who has my list of ideal right fit clients.” Maybe it is a wine store, a cigar shop, a coffee store, a clothing store, a household furnishing store, a landscaper, a pool service company, a Church, a Country Club etc. Are you starting to see how this could benefit you and your sales VERY QUICKLY?


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