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Creating A Life You Love

Sep 04, 2023

“You can have everything you love in life as long as you give up what you hate.”
 -Dan Sullivan

This past April, I attended the Cleaners Showcase in Dallas, Texas, and it was an awesome conference! As the only live equipment show this year, the expectations were high. The entire team at SDA (especially Kyle Nesbit, Liz Williams, Chuck Hempstead, and Amin Bata) did an amazing job at creating a conference rich in education, connection, and exhibits.
As a speaker, exhibitor, board member, and attendee, it was great for me to see the attendees search what they were looking for. Some were looking for equipment. Others were looking for ideas. Others were pursuing their dreams. Others still were spending time with both old and new friends. From almost all of my conversations, I could tell people were there to find tools and experiences to make their lives better. 
I’m not a big fan of surface conversations, so a lot of my talks with clients, friends, and prospective clients went deep. What I learned people were really looking for ways to create, and have, a life they love. I’ve got to tell you, I have not seen a positive tone from the people in our industry for years like I witnessed at this conference. It was so refreshing.
Happiness and having a life you love is something a lot of people are missing. Instead, their days are filled with things they hate, or find just okay. Things like opening their store, covering shifts, pressing clothes, managing others, unloading drycleaning machines, doing payroll, balancing their checking account, or firing up the boiler. These are not the things people love, but the activities that fill their days.
It reminded me of the quote above from my personal coach, Dan Sullivan, who owns Strategic Coach. You have to get rid of the things you hate in life. Both in your business life and your personal life. Then you can have room to let in the things you love. 
This starts with letting go of lower dollar-value work you dislike or find okay, but are doing on a regular basis. Find the joy in helping a team member grow by giving them these responsibilities, especially if they are things the person loves. Become a matchmaker between what needs to get done, and the right people who love to do the work.
You can have a life you love. A life that makes you happy. But you have to get rid of the things that are not making you happy. The things you hate. Then you will have time, energy, and resources to pursue the things you love.
Have a wonderful week!

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