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Client Onboarding

Jan 18, 2022

The old saying “you can only make a first impression once” is definitely true. More importantly, is to realize that a first impression is not about you at all. The goal is all about helping your new client to feel appreciated and important. The best companies give an initial experience that is much different than any competitors. So if you are looking for inspiration, please don’t copy your competitors. They are likely doing it all wrong.


Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a new client and try to feel what they might be feeling. Your new client (or spouse of the new client) was likely disappointed or faced with indifference at their previous provider. They decided to leave their existing provider finally and decided to give you a shot. They are nervous and wondering if they will have another bad experience. But they are hopeful for a different experience, and hopefully, you have set the stage with a couple of attraction mechanisms to position yourself as the caring expert and trusting advisor.


Immediately when your Client Care Advisor (CCA) identifies a new client, we want them to reach under the counter and grab from a sealed Tupperware container a gift that has a lovely ribbon and sticker on the front that says, “We are excited to serve you!” The client will take notice of this gift that includes a letter from the owner, an unconditional guarantee, a list of services, subscription options, some information about your team, locations, and pickup and delivery service. There will also be a snack (we use a theatre-sized box of neutral Mike and Ike candy). The experience is already starting to feel different.


Then you will request all of their data points by having them fill out a simple New Client Card. This creates a relaxed opt-in for email and text marketing, gets their address, and lists some of their preferences. Once you have received all of their data, you will send them on the way with their second gift from you, a personalized VIP bag with a shoulder strap.


When your new client goes home, they will tell their spouse about receiving both gifts, the friendly uniformed and smiling CCA, and a frictionless experience in a clean and clutter-free environment. That is how you start the relationship off correctly. Add to that a short welcome video sent from the owner the next day, and you have kicked things off, making it clear they will always be treated like a welcome guest rather than an annoying pest. You have successfully communicated that you are there for a relationship with your new client rather than just a transaction. You are invested in your new client, and you delivered value before asking for anything. Great job, my friend!

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