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Cash Infusion Ideas

Apr 15, 2024

The start of 2024 for many drycleaners proved to be sluggish at best. Not sure if I have a good answer why but many of my members reported a slow first quarter compared to the past couple of years.


If this was the case for you, and you are in a bit of a cash crunch, here are some ideas to increase cash flow immediately:


1. Have a friends and family event, offering a special deal to existing clients. Have clients clean their winter clothes before storing them for the summer season

2. Create a comforter cleaning reminder system

3. Give your clients a large colored bag and tell them everything in that bag will be discounted a certain percentage if they return with the bag within a week

4. Host an Appreciation Event – 33-40% off regular prices, one week only

5. Increase your prices one percent per month, with compounding this will equate to about 16% increase in revenue per year

6. Focus on re-engagement: target clients who are either out of pattern or lost

7. Have a three-day flash sale, marketed by a batch text

8. Use “Ringless Voicemail” to promote a special one week offer

9. Eliminate accounts – nobody gets billed

10. Charge a card on file when the order is racked (instead of picked up)

11. Control and minimize retail team members hours – overlap, before, and after shifts

12. Buy a competitor’s We Miss You list

13. Sell a gift card with an extra bonus percentage (for example, for each $100 gift certificate you buy, you get $120 loaded onto a gift card)

14. Sell subscriptions / membership plans

15. Have a large event to celebrate your company’s anniversary 


These ideas, and many more you come up with, can create a large surge in cash flow. It is important to take action. Don’t worry about making them perfect. Just implement them and watch the cash flow increase.


Have a great week!


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