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Be the Conductor of Your Business

Sep 21, 2023

80% of business owners work IN their business. They are either a technician, pressing/cleaning/assembling/delivering orders or they manage the technicians working in their business. By working IN the business, the owner can only focus on the daily operations.
To ascend into the 20% of business owners who work ON their businesses, you must think of yourself as the conductor of your business. Think of an orchestra. If the conductor were to sit down, grab an instrument, and start playing with all of the other musicians, the conductor would be focused only on the part they are playing. They would not be focused on keeping all of the different musicians in sync and working together.
The same is true for your business. The daily operations CANNOT be dependent on you. AT ALL. Not even a little. Not even to take the money to the bank. What makes you a true business owner is stepping away from the daily operations, empowering your team with taking care of operations, and you turn your attention to:

  1. Marketing – growing top-line sales and focusing on your clients
  2. Finance – efficiently turning top-line sales into profit
  3. Leadership – developing your team to take care of daily operations

This is when the business takes off. Why? First, your empowered team can operate more efficiently without you bogging down the process by being the hub of the wheel approving all decisions. Second, you will turn your attention to growing the business and you will be aggressive in doing this because you are no longer making more work for yourself.
Another interesting thing happens when you remove yourself from the daily operations of the business. You see the primary purpose of your business as generating cash flow to you, the owner. Cash flow is the oxygen of the business. With healthy cash flow, both you and the business can make more impact and contributions to your team members, clients, and your community.
Create a plan to completely remove yourself from daily operations. If you need help (which most people do) please reach out and we will put a plan together with you. It starts with investing and trusting in key team members and sharing your vision with them while verifying they are doing what you have asked.
Talk soon, my friend!

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