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Avoid The Comparison Game

Jul 13, 2021

As entrepreneurs, we have the unique ability to define the game we are playing in business. In simplest terms, we first set a vision of where we want to be in the future….. let’s say three years from now. As each of us works hard to achieve success moving towards this vision, there are inevitably many challenges and achievements along the way.

We can choose how we react to challenges and how we celebrate achievements. In the world of social media, where so many people compare themselves to others ALL THE TIME, it is crucial not to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to anyone else. You are your own person, created with your own unique abilities and strengths, and you are on your own path.. 

When you compare yourself to others, there will always be someone richer. Prettier. More handsome. More outgoing and personable. Takes more vacations. Has better-dressed kids. Has a fancier car.  The risk is that you will fall victim to wanting more, more, more. Where greater achievement is not accompanied by greater personal fulfillment, you will be chasing a distant target that always keeps moving further away.

The reason for this is pretty simple. When you achieve a certain goal, you quickly normalize it. Before you achieved it, the goal was really important to you. But once you achieved the goal, your mind turned to “what’s next?” And if you are like most people, you don’t take time to celebrate your successes and want more. For example, if you say, “I will definitely be happy once I make $100,000 / year.” You hit that threshold, and you quickly normalize it and then shoot for $150,000.  And when you have people around you that, on the surface, appear to have much more than you, the comparison game will only make this worse.

But there is a better way. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, I want to suggest you compare yourself to the “old you.” You are measuring backward and seeing how much progress you have made towards your goals, but you reflect on a time before you achieved the goal. And then figure out a way to celebrate the success you have achieved.

Okay, I know what you’re asking…. “what does this have to do with marketing?”  It has A LOT to do with marketing. Your clients are having a very similar conversation (in their own head) to what I just suggested to you. Your clients are trying to figure out how to make their biggest and best contribution and how to celebrate their wins in a meaningful way.  You can encourage your clients to be confident on their own individual path, measuring backward to celebrate the growth they’ve had.

Show your clients appreciation for being such a wonderful client at your business. And remember, you are selling time primarily – and you can encourage your clients to do something more meaningful with their time instead of laundry and ironing. Those bigger dreams align with their own individual goals and the vision they are shooting for. Second, to time, you are also selling self-confidence. And by helping your clients focus on their goals (we will get to this later), you are showing you care and want a relationship with them. Not just a transaction.

For now, realize that each individual we have a relationship with is on their own path. And they are trying to achieve and be fulfilled by what is important to them. Support your team and clients, knowing they are each on their own path. Help them celebrate their wins. And encourage them when they’re having a tough day. Just whatever you do….. stay away from the comparison game on any level.


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