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Are you a good tipper?

Nov 09, 2021


The purpose of marketing is to create and build relationships with our clients, ultimately leading to more sales. We make more money. We keep our expenses in line so that we can keep more money. And the money we keep can be used to pay down debt, reinvest in the business, fund our lifestyle, or invest in other opportunities that can create cash flow. It looks something like this:




This is the money flow we are looking for. Most people are good at one of these things, but not all. Today, I want to give you a useful hack to keep the money flowing. You see, money was created to flow. Many centuries ago, money was created to compensate someone else when a value was exchanged. And while many are programmed early in life to think of money as a scarce resource, money is everywhere. In fact, 40% of all money in history has been printed in the last three years! And that does not even include cryptocurrency.


What messages did we receive early in life to fuel a scarcity mindset? Did you hear any of these:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • We can’t afford that
  • Close the fridge! Turn off the lights!
  • Let’s wait to turn on the air conditioning
  • Rich people are jerks
  • And the big one – if you were paid to do chores, you were programmed to think you earn money by doing things you don’t like to do!


Just remember….. money is an amplifier. It makes good people better. And makes bad people worse. Money is not evil. It can be really good and can be a mechanism for you to help a lot of people! Get rid of the 10-year-old self that is making your money decisions for you. The stories of your past do not define you. Start hanging out with some wealthy people and get curious about what they do, and you will realize that most rich people are really awesome!


And here is the hack I promised: Be a good tipper! Let the money flow. When you are more comfortable with money flowing out, you will be much more comfortable with money flowing in. You won’t be ashamed of raising your prices or feel guilty about making a 20% profit. That money will flow. And you will leave the old tapes of your childhood and create a new, fruitful life for you and your family.


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