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Acquiring New Clients

Mar 04, 2024

There are only three ways to increase your revenue:
1. Get more clients
2. Get current clients to come more often
3. Get current clients to spend more each time they visit
It is critical you have an intentional plan to acquire new clients. Even if you want to keep the same amount of top-line revenue from year to year, you must add new clients, as you are almost certainly losing new clients regularly. Clients move, get divorced, lose jobs, change habits, and create different routines. Some clients will leave, often to no fault of you or your team.

Most business owners do not want to just stay level on top-line revenue. Actually, I have found most drycleaning owners judge their own success based on the increase or decrease of top-line sales more than anything else. Because of this, most drycleaners think they can grow revenue mostly by adding new clients, but they don’t usually have a system of how to do it.

Since acquisition is one of only three ways to increase revenue, it is important to know the options of how to acquire new clients, but it is also important to focus on right-fit clients. You want to focus your resources on acquiring new clients that will give you the most amount of revenue increases. You want to focus on prospects who are most similar to your top 20% of clients.

Here is what I have found are the best options for acquiring right fit clients:
1. A personal referral from one of your best clients
2. Direct mail (postcards or sales letters) with irresistible offers
3. Having someone who already has influence over the prospect share an irresistible offer with them
4. Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) for services you specialize in
5. Make your company more visible, both to drive-by traffic and to digital traffic

It is worth gaining mastery of each of these strategies to get new, right-fit clients. At Maverick Drycleaners, we have dialed in tactics to optimize each of these strategies. Please let me know if you would like more information so you too can experience exponentially increasing revenue.

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