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Capturing Client Data Points

Apr 15, 2021

You could have the very best marketing ideas.

The very best offers. The most exciting company news.

But if you don't have your clients' data points, you will not be able to communicate the offers and information to your clients.

I am a firm believer in delivering a similar message across many marketing channels.

You have to meet your client where they communicate.

And enter a conversation they are already having in their head.

You want to provide a solution to a problem they are having.

Some prefer email. Some prefer text. Some prefer a phone call. And some people prefer social media.

We have come up with a process to capture over 95% of all clients' data points.

Here's how it works:

  1. A new client comes in
  2. We give a gift box filled with cool information, a theatre sized box of candy, and a letter from me (the owner)
  3. Only after receiving the gift do we ask them to fill out a simple form with their data points and preferences.
  4. We send them with a personalized VIP bag and a special deal if they bring more clothes when they pick up their first order.

The new client leaves feeling very important and appreciated.

They were nervous to try a new company, and they leave with two gifts.

That is the way to start a new relationship!


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