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10 Years From Now

Jun 21, 2022

Ten years from now, most people will be a 10-years older version of who they are today.

These are most often the people who have settled into a mindset that allows them to stay within their comfort zones and limiting beliefs.

If you are stuck in this routine, you are likely waking up doing the same reactive day you have done thousands of days before.

But if you can transcend this magnetic pull toward comfort, the riches and freedom just around the corner can be amazing.

To get there, you have to constantly be investing in yourself and learning new strategies to create a future self that makes an ever-abundant motivating, and meaningful new set of chapters in your life.

When you hit growth hurdles and begin to plateau, as you may have felt in the past, it is almost always YOU that gets in the way of your next growth step. Not your team, not your equipment, and not your resources.

And herein lies the opportunity. If you can avoid settling into a comfort zone, and continue pushing yourself, you will find that doing higher-value work propels you to the next growth step.

Most of this work will transition you from being the provider of dry cleaning services TO being the marketer and seller of dry cleaning services. That’s a big change to make.

I’m not much of a gambler. I prefer calculated risks.
But if I ever bet on the horse races, I would bet on the jockey and not the horse.
A smart jockey will get off the wrong horse and on the right horse.
He will stop doing the wrong training and begin doing the right training.

I’m betting on you. I will help you grow, and learn new mindsets, strategies, and tactics. I can help you make a lot of money.

I just can’t want it more for you than you want it for you.

Some of the keys to success were covered today:

  1. Watch out for comfort zones
  2. The best investment is in YOU and your mindset
  3. You doing higher-value work (mostly marketing) will create more growth, revenue, and cash flow.

Be intentional with your training.

And make sure after the next 10 years, you are almost unrecognizable to your current self.

Have a wonderful week, my friends!


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