I’m Dave Coyle. And it’s been a long time since I haven’t seen a 7-figure annual profit in my dry cleaning business. 


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Hey, I’m Dave. 

And, here’s what I don’t believe. 

I don’t believe in hustling yourself into the ground in the name of “success” (who’s version of success is that anyway?)

And, I don’t believe that you have to do that in order to build a thriving, popular and go-to dry cleaning service business. 

You can do that AND you can have a life. Your business can serve you and your family.

You can get yourself off of the hamster wheel of doing all of the daily operations, marketing, the accounts, the innovation, the hiring, the training, and you can implement repeatable, reliable, scalable systems that work. 

And you can do that by putting your clients, your values and the experience anyone has with your brand as your top priority.

How do I know? 

Because, this is exactly what I did to go from struggling week to week to being in the top 1% of dry cleaning businesses in the entire United States.

Starting with one location – I have grown my business to 14 locations, a state-of-the-art Production Workshop, citywide pick-up and delivery, over 29,000 active clients, 68 engaged team members with over 500 years of service, and over 70% market share. I am only one of a handful of dry cleaning operators that have a 7-figure EBITDA line. And I have sold over $100 million in drycleaning and laundry services.

And, it’s what I’m helping entrepreneurs with inside my mastermind group experience.

I’m teaching my mastermind groups...

not only to operate successful dry cleaning companies but to become successful, strategic-minded business owners and entrepreneurs. So, no matter where you go from here, you will be successful.

In all of my years in this industry - this is what I’ve noticed is the absolute missing piece for so many dry cleaning businesses. They get to good, but can’t break past that line into GREAT companies, because they get stuck on the never-ending cycle of hiring and doing everything. 

And for most people, I have found that it has a lot to do with their relationship with money. There is guilt and shame that can accompany success, and it is easy to self-sabotage ourselves so we don't have to deal with those feelings.

But once you get your head right on money, you can scale your business with marketing and sales. And then you can just focus on growing and maximizing your wealth, impact and contribution to your team, clients, and community.


I’ve created a beautiful life . . . And, I’ve done it all using the strategies I now teach.

And, the big, exciting question I get to ask myself now is, what next? 

For me, there is only one answer to that question and it’s, “how do I serve others with the knowledge I now have?” 

How do I impact as many people as I possibly can?

For now, that looks like this:

  • Supporting as many dry cleaning business owners and entrepreneurs as I can inside my mastermind group
  • Being a proactive member of my church and community
  • Speaking at events and conferences around the world
  • Creating free resources, writing and designing courses that will change the lives and businesses of the people whose hands they land in
    … and we’ll see what else. 

But, I have one simple commitment at this stage in my journey: pass on as much of the skills and knowledge that I’ve acquired in the last 20 years to help as many people as I can avoid all the mistakes I made and grow - both businesses and as people - into something they can be really proud of.

If you found yourself here, I’m so glad. Welcome.

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