Are you ready to finally feel like the CEO of your company?

(And not the person who can do it all and will do it all and can never fully let go?)


How I’ve helped hundreds of dry cleaning businesses scale

What if your business didn’t feel like a ball and chain?

What if you could learn how to operate the business instead of exist inside of it?

What if you were able to LET GO and actually, really trust that the people you have in place have your back and can handle the details as good as, if not better than, you could?

What if you had repeatable, reliable, teachable marketing strategies, systems and service offerings that could increase your revenue by sometimes over 200% in less than 12 months (this is what we were able to do)?

If you’re a dry cleaning business owner and you’re looking to scale without burning yourself out in the process, you’ll find what you need right here…


Short trainings & quick, bitesize education & resources that you can digest and implement immediately:

The Laundry List Blog

Bite-sized and easy-to-digest information for the busy entrepreneur that needs quick answers. Everything from high level money mindset, to the nitty gritty of time management and making more space in your business for fun, family and freedom.

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Business Blueprint Bundle 

Get all 5 of my most downloaded resources in one mega bundle

7 Steps to 7 Figures, Marketing Wash and Fold, Direct Response Checklist, Top Acquisition Strategies, and Scaling Comforter Cleanings

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Self-paced teachings & courses that will change the trajectory of your business and life forever:

Marketing That Works Masterclass ($697)

An 8-week marketing mastery class: After 20 years in business, here’s something I know to be true: The majority is always wrong. There’s a reason most dry cleaning companies will “just get by” and it’s actually not because it’s a difficult industry to thrive in, quite the opposite! It’s because most dry cleaning entrepreneurs don’t understand the fundamental principles of marketing (and why would they?) by getting your hands on everything in this course, you’ll be light years ahead of your competitors. Inside you’ll get 18 (yes, 18) marketing resources and training modules that cover everything from messaging, positioning and pricing to what you really need to implement a repeatable, profitable marketing SYSTEM in your dry cleaning business, right now (which means you don’t have to be the one doing it all anymore).

For a limited time, you can take $200 off this 8-week Marketing Masterclass and invest only $497

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Tribe and Masterminds 

Exponential growth with the support of like-minded peers

Tribe Membership

Our monthly membership!

Give your business the boost it needs in all the areas that matter with weekly training sessions from someone who’s grown their business from the bottom to the top 1% of the industry. Whether you’re struggling to grow your revenue, market your business like a pro, escape the day-to-day hustle, or implement solid finance and recruitment processes — Maverick Tribe teaches you how to run a profitable, impactful business that works for you in all the key areas long term.

 Here’s what’s included:

Regular 15-20 minute training sessions. We start by looking at the challenges you face in each area of your business. Once we’ve identified where you’re falling short, I’ll present a solution and provide actionable steps for you to implement.

Monthly 60-minute Q&A sessions, where you can pre-submit questions related to your business, the industry, my journey, problems you face or challenges you need to overcome.

$69 / month (paid monthly). Join now and for a limited time only you will receive your first month for $9!

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For dry cleaning business owners working too much and making too little. Experience the kind of breakthroughs in marketing, operations and money that you’ve been dreaming of and finally run the business without letting it run you.

Here’s what’s included:

1 x 90-minute coaching and teaching calls hosted by Dave every single month

1 x 60-minute Q&A session with Dave every month

Quarterly 1:1 sessions with Dave to set your quarterly goals

Guest experts and trainings from other pre-vetted subject-matter pros

Accountability partnerships and peer-led coaching for maximum support

Invitation to exclusive annual event (one of the biggest networking events in the dry cleaning industry, we’re like a family now)

Membership vault of trainings and access to all new workshops as long as you are active in the group


$495 / month (paid monthly or annually for a discount) That means you’ll get access to ALL of the courses above AND coaching for a smaller payment in month one, than if you just purchased all of the courses.

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