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Finally, You Can Learn The Secrets To Working ON Your Business And Creating Systems That Run Your Business & Give You More Freedom

If you are looking for the one place where you can solve challenges, seize opportunities and achieve growth, Maverick Mastermind will give you the focus and encouragement you need to finally break through that glass ceiling and accomplish more revenue, more profit, and more freedom than ever before.

Dear Fellow Dry Cleaning Owner,

If you are like me, you’ve probably been a part of a mastermind, cost group or coaching group before. For those of us who are high achievers, masterminds are a part of reaching the next level. It’s through connecting with others in similar situations as us that we can open our minds to solutions that we may never have thought of for ourselves.

And while there are plenty of really good masterminds out there, I realized recently that there is no mastermind group designed specifically for Dry Cleaners. Small business owners and entrepreneurs? Of course. I’ve even seen a mastermind for Carpet Cleaners! But not one designed by and for Dry Cleaning Owners that want to get the maximum amount of profit out of their dry cleaning business.

So I decided to start one. ...

...It’s called Maverick Mastermind!

and it is for any Dry Cleaner who wants to stop working IN their business and start working ON their business. This huge shift is essential if you want to hit the high 7 to 8-figures of income.

I like to call this “The Development Of An Entrepreneur”. These are changes that need to be made IN YOU so that you are attracting and magnetizing yourself and your business for better profits, better team membership, and a better life.

In fact, there are 8 main areas that I feel make up an Entrepreneur who is using everything they have to get everything they want:

  1. Setting a 3-year Personal and Business Vision: So many people just let the future happen - not us! We decide what we want, put it in writing it, and go after it with our support.
  2. Setting goals that are Meaningful, Motivating, and Multiply over time: This is the secret to goals that you achieve vs. goals that let you slip by. Using this method of goal setting, we can ensure that we hit them every single time.
  3. Creating a balance (with boundaries) between work and family. Learning how to determine appropriate boundaries for yourself and others when it comes to your Work/Family Balance is critical to ensuring that you are attracting the right kind of team members and clients to your business.
  4. Surround yourself with the right team members that support you. This seems like a no-brainer, but first you have to determine what those team members look like so you can find more of them!
  5. Create a business that serves you and your loved ones. What’s the point of building a business you hate? Defining your wants and needs from the business is step one in building a business that will give you more freedom instead of dragging you down.
  6. Avoid reactive behaviors. This is a HUGE mistake that most business owners make. They are reactive instead of being proactive. Learning the difference and doing it is one massive step toward profitability and sustainability in your business.
  7. Schedule your time. Time is the only asset we cannot get back nor create more of. You need to learn how to schedule your time so you are the most productive and profitable that you can be.
  8. Understand your Superpower / Strengths / Unique Ability – so that your contribution will operate like Small Hinges that swing Large Doors

Of course, you can try and master all 8 of these characteristics of an Entrepreneur on your own, but it would take you a while, a lot of trial and error, and it would be so very lonely…

Instead, why not join a mastermind group that will help you conquer all of these characteristics, open you up to new ideas of how to run your business, and give you your very own personal board of directors to help you overcome whatever challenges your business faces?

Just look at everything you get when you join Maverick Mastermind:

  • Weekly 90-minute Group Zoom call, hosted by me. Each week we will cover a new and different topic so you can implement and see improvement in your business every week.
  • Dedicated group Slack channel for Mastermind Group. You’ll be able to interact with all other members, feel a part of the community, and a way to get quick answers to all your questions.
  • Quarterly 90-minute Individual Zoom call with me to set goals for the quarter and refine your 3-year vision - ensuring you are staying on track!
  • Rotating accountability partners as a way to easily see what you need to do, what your partner needs to do, and how both of you are progressing.
  • 30% discount on all current and future Core Programs; including the Marketing, Team Development, and Financial Performance programs.
  • (2) in-person meetings per year. Meals and lodging are paid for, you just pay for your airfare.
  • Access to ongoing discounts, support systems, guest speakers, and professional/personal resources.
  • All recordings and deliverables are kept in your portal

I’ve put together the best of the best I have to offer to help you reach your goals. I’ve seen similar masterminds cost upwards of $25,000 a year to be part of a community like the one I’ve created.

So What's The Investment To Join Maverick Mastermind?

I’ve not going to charge you $25,000 a year to be a part of Maverick Mastermind. I’m not even going to charge you $10,000 a year. (Even though you will definitely see at least that much increase in your profit by joining and implementing all of the things we will cover in this Mastermind!)

Instead, I’m asking for just $575 per a month. That’s less than $20 a day to be a part of a mastermind group of successful, driven Dry Cleaning Owners just like you - lead by someone who has cracked the code on making a 7-figure profit with Dry Cleaning.

Think about that. You’re getting access to the secrets and techniques that will take you to the income level you want for less than $20 a day!

And, even better, when you join today, you’re locking that price in FOR LIFE! That’s right, you can stay in the mastermind for as long as you want and never see a price increase.

This is HUGE because as the group grows and I add more and more value, the price will continue to go up and up and you won’t pay a penny more than you did the first month you joined.

PLUS it’s month-to-month! You can decide at any time that you’ve got all of the value you believe you can from the group and leave whenever you want. No other mastermind does this! That’s how insanely confident I am that you are going to see success and want to be a part of this unique group.

BUT that’s not all. I’m also giving you my “I Dare You To Not Like This” Guarantee - If, after being in the group for 6 months, you decide that you haven’t see the results you wanted and aren’t happy with your membership, I’ll refund your entire membership cost as long as you have attended all of the meetings.

You read that correctly. If you attend all of the meetings and think after 6 months, that this mastermind is not the best place for you to be, I will refund your ENTIRE membership cost. Try getting that kind of a guarantee from anyone else. You won’t find it!

So let me just sum up for you what I’m offering here. You get access to all of my best strategies and techniques, a group of like-minded, driven people in the same industry as you, PLUS it’s less than $20 a day and you can cancel at any time with a guarantee that if after 6 months you don’t like you can get your money back… Honestly, what have you got to lose?

Click the button below to join Maverick Mastermind today. I know, from week one, you are going to be blown away by the value you get out of this mastermind.

To Your Unlimited Success,
Dave Coyle, Founder of Maverick Dry Cleaners

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

If, after being in the group for 6 months, you decide that you haven’t seen the results you wanted and aren’t happy with your membership, I’ll refund your entire membership cost as long as you have attended all of the meetings.

Meet, David Coyle.

Starting with one location – I have grown my business to 14 locations, a state-of-the-art Production Workshop, citywide pick-up and delivery, over 29,000 active clients, 68 engaged team members with over 500 years of service, and almost 70% market share. I am only one of a handful of dry cleaning operators that have a 7-figure EBITDA line.

Unlike a lot of “book smart” consultants and professors who teach marketing and business strategy without any real-world experience, I have spent the past 20 years deep in the trenches, just where you are every day. I have pushed through and learned lessons the hard way, with blood, sweat and tears. And now it’s time for me to reinvest in the industry, helping those of you who struggle with marketing and business strategy so you too can be one of the thriving millionaire dry cleaning owners.

PS: If you want a place you can call home and feel like you are understood and support in your journey to Entrepreneur success, Maverick Mastermind is the group for you. <strong We know the struggles and challenges you are facing because we face them too!

And, for a limited time, you can join this group and lock-in your membership fee at just $575 a month - that’s less than a week’s wages for an employee!

Plus, I’m giving you 6 months to decide whether you see the value in the group or not. If after attending all of the meetings for 6 months you don’t think this is THE PLACE for you to learn how to grow your business, I’ll refund your entire membership fee.

You won’t find another offer like this anywhere. Click the button below to join and get ready to unlock the profit potential in your Dry Cleaning business.

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