Get More Done in Less Time, With Less Stress With the Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Your Growth.

The only mastermind experience designed by dry cleaning business pros for dry cleaning business pros.

You had me at “less stress”

Learn everything there is to know to thrive in the business of dry cleaning and get dedicated support along the way.

They don’t teach you this in college.

Ever wish all of your business questions could just be answered by someone who “gets it”?

How will you ensure your clients come back again and again?

How will you increase revenue without burning out and driving your family crazy?

How do you stop the never-ending revolving door of team members that come and go faster than your washing machines?

How can you confidently scale, when you can’t even confidently take a weekend off?

Sure, there’s A TON of generic business-building and marketing advice and an endless stream of strategies out there, but… does anyone actually understand the intricacies and nuances of building a service-based business in the dry cleaning industry?

Is there anyone who has been through the wringer, and come out the other side, someone who figured out the answers to all of those industry-unique questions the hard way so you don’t have to?

Someone who cares as much about your success as you do, and not just another marketing influencer telling you to “have a presence” on social media without any real substance or real world business building experience IN the dry cleaning industry?

Yes. Now there is.

Introducing: Maverick Drycleaners Mastermind Group

Transform your business, change your life.

For the last 20 years I’ve built and scaled an efficient and streamlined dry cleaning business to be in the top 1% of the top 1% of the industry that only grew more successful throughout a global pandemic. I’ve reverse-engineered everything I’ve done down to the most intricate detail. Now, I’m on a mission to help as many overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid dry cleaning entrepreneurs to scale their dry cleaning services empire with more profit, less stress and less trading time for money. I’ve been the bottle neck to my own success before, and I figured out the hard way what it really takes to get out of your own way and scale a business and a brand you can really be proud of.

Does this sound like you?

You feel exhausted by a long list of fires to put out on a daily basis

You’re constantly on the hiring hamster wheel

You feel like your employees can walk all over you because you need them and they know it

You wish you could leverage what you’re doing and see where you’re leaving money on the table but you’re too stuck in the day to day operations that you can stop and step back to see clearly enough

You know you’ve got something good, but you also know you can’t go on like this forever

If so, I hear you! I’ve been there. There is a better way

What’s the answer?

You are likely lacking in one (or all) of the key functional areas for any service based business to really flourish (and it’s really, really difficult to see which when you’re so close to it, so if this is you - don’t worry). Those 3 functional areas are:

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

Are you maximizing your marketing efforts to call in higher quality, long-term clients and become the go-to trusted service provider in your area? Or do you feel more like you’re winging it without a real strategy, focus or plan to scale efficiently?

CFO - Chief Finance Officer

Without a clear look on your finances, without the real numbers, knowledge and tools to know what to do and when, the decisions you make will take longer, will feel riskier, and you’ll never really have a clear next step or direction (which means you’re not scaling, you’re kinda flying by the seat of your pants). With the right systems and support, no income level or goal will ever feel out of reach.

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Are you working for your business or on your business? There’s a difference. The CEO works ON the business, and has systems in place to handle almost everything that takes up too much time and focus. There’s a reason I was able to scale my company the way I did, and that’s because I had intentional focus on the right areas from as early as possible - so I could continually remove myself from the busy work and get back to leading the ship

Picture this...

  • You know exactly where and how to market your business and exactly how to talk about it so you stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • You feel more than confident selling your services knowing that you’re reaching the higher end of your market
  • You feel like a true leader. Building something bigger than you. Really, someone leading a team to a greater mission. Let’s be honest, this was never just about cleaning clothes, was it?
  • You feel energized and alive in your business instead of drained and overwhelmed
  • You’ve built a reliable team you LOVE to work with, who you can trust and who… even if you don’t like to admit it… can do the work to an even higher standard than you ever could
  • You have the deep, unshakeable knowledge that you can handle any challenge that comes your way because you’re prepared, you have the best support and community in your corner and your business is built and designed to scale
  • You could easily create an extra 6 figures in revenue without increasing the number of people on your team, the amount of hours you work or massively increasing your marketing budget
I’m so ready!

Feel too good to be true? Don’t just take my word for it

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What Others Are Saying


This is the true power of a real mastermind experience

Imagine having a community of like-minded dry cleaning pros from all over the US (and the world) who are IN this with you.

People who get it.

Who have been in the trenches like you.

People whose success gives you that heart-expanding, awe-inducing inspiration.

People who KNOW how brilliant you are, and won’t let you forget it.

People who align with your values and are going through the exact same business challenges, right alongside you.

Big innovators. Critical thinkers. Dreamers. Doers. The kind of people that make you grateful you chose the path you did.

You’re getting all of this, and more, inside Maverick Mastermind.

I Want This

Here’s a breakdown of just some of the things we cover inside:

Basically, you’re going to get everything you need to transform your mindset from “can I?” to “I CAN!”

Let’s do it

Here’s what it’s going to look like:

  • 2 x 90-minute zoom calls per month hosted by me for coaching, learning, answering questions, innovation, idea sharing and accountability.
  • 1 x 60-minute Q&A per month where you get all of your questions answered.
  • Quarterly 1:1 zoom call with me to set your quarterly goals.
  • A space that allows you to be yourself while pushing you to be the best you can be as a leader, business owner and industry go-to.
  • Annual 3-day, in-person Summit – intensive working on the business, time spent with other members, guest speakers, advanced learning, hot seats - there is nothing like in-person intensives and you’ll come away from this event buzzing with ideas and inspiration.
  • Exclusive exercises and assignments to get you thinking about your business in a whole new way.
  • Guest expert trainings.
  • Dedicated group Slack channel for Mastermind Group.
  • You’ll be able to interact with all other members, feel a part of the community, and have a way to get quick answers to all your questions.
  • Peer-to-peer small group coaching – without check points and peer review and support in a small group format, you may as well be in a classroom environment.
  • We’re building a real community of high-achieving brilliance over here.
  • You’ll share ideas, progress, feedback and have a smaller, more intimate environment to speed up your progress.
  • Access to unique industry discounts on things like software, equipment, supplies.
  • All recordings and deliverables are kept in your portal.

This is a good fit for you if...


✔︎ You’re ready to build influence and establish authority so that you become the go-to drycleaner and can scale much faster


✔︎ You’re not seeing the progress you thought you would see in your dry cleaning business by now (even though you know you’re doing well and you hate to admit that)


✔︎ You crave structure and systems in your business but feel like everything is always changing


✔︎ You didn’t get into dry cleaning just to clean clothes, you’re in the game of entrepreneurship because you’ve got what it takes to go the distance and be a real leader


✔︎ You want to build a real company that can function, and function well, without you


✔︎ You’re ready for real results, you’re ready to get out of the day to day grind, you’re ready to feel proud of the machine YOU built and continue to grow yourself as a person and entrepreneur

Why now?

Well, first let’s answer the more important question, what if you don’t start now?

If you don’t do anything today, then you’ll still be in the same place (you of course don’t have to change anything) but if that means:

  • Staying stuck IN the business with no time to work ON the business
  • BEING your business. Instead of owning your own business
  • Being trapped in the never ending cycle of hiring and firing and never finding the right people
  • Never being able to truly take a full weekend off or enjoy a vacation with your family
  • With no real idea how to scale without doing more (and that’s really just not possible)

Then, I want to invite you to consider another way. There is a better way, I promise. And with me in your back pocket, there’s really no stopping you from that lifestyle you know you deserve.

If you’ve read all the way down here, I know you’re serious about making change happen in your business

The frameworks, strategies and principles that I am going to show you over the course of our time working together have been known to increase my client’s ROI by $15,000 to $150,000 in a short period of time. I was able to increase my own bottom line by over $400,000 just from ONE of these strategies. This is smart business advice that really works.

But, that’s not even the best part. 

The best bit is that being in this industry can feel lonely in your climb to the top. It can feel like with every few steps of progress, you’re back at the bottom of the next mountain. It’s like you’re standing at the bottom of the mountain, knowing you need to get to basecamp before you can even consider the summit, but the climb looks painful (and you’re already exhausted from the trek to get where you are now). This, my friends, is why nobody hikes Mt. Everest Alone. And you need an experienced sherpa.

I’m here to guide you. To support you. To answer all of your questions. I’ve been exactly where you are, and I can help you make faster, smarter and more effective decisions.

I’ve priced the Mastermind so it should feel like an absolute no-brainer and you’ll see and feel the ROI from the moment you step into the teachings.

And, you don’t even have to make a decision right now. You can book a call with me and we can chat through your specific situation first and decide if this is the right fit for you.

INVESTMENT: $495/month

Still not sure? Book a free call with Dave now.