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What Would You Do Different?

Apr 05, 2022

Twenty-four months ago..... the bottom dropped out.

9/11 was bad. 

The crash of 2008 was bad.

But none of those events remotely holds a candle to Covid-19 when it comes to what hurt revenue the most in our industry.

Most cleaners in the United States experienced sales drops of 70-80%.


I am not one to dwell on the past. In fact, I think all motivation is derived from believing the future will always be greater than the past, no matter how great the past has been.

But we must learn from it, or we will be more likely to repeat it.

What would you do differently, knowing now what you wish you would have known twenty-four months ago?

And what would you have done differently over the past twenty-four months?


Here’s what I would have done differently:

  1. I would have immediately tried to pivot and sell my clients something in addition to what we were used to selling them – things like PPE, anything to do with the home (remodeling, landscape, pest control, pool, etc.), and would have started doubling down on cleaning household items.
  2. I would have reminded myself daily that the quickest way to gain market share (other than an acquisition) is to have certainty when competitors are uncertain. 
  3. I would have immediately focused on pickup and delivery and really promoted contact-less service.
  4. I would have hit the accelerator with my marketing to retain my top 20% and to acquire the top 20% of my competitors.


The challenge is that if you don’t know the right message to send to the right market in the right media, your marketing will flop.


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There is never a better time to learn new marketing strategies and tactics. For most of the country, the next 90 days will be a high season for our business. And there is never a better time to learn how to “make the spikes spike even higher!”


Have a great week, my friends!  

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