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Thinking Time

Jan 25, 2023

The more I have worked with business owners with all different levels of business sales, business profit, and income, it has become clear that there is a golden thread across owners with more success. They intentionally set aside more time to think. There is actual white space on their calendar, and they do that on purpose.

What most people do is they fill every bit of their day with external stimulation. Meetings, phone calls, Netflix, podcasts, music, Facebook, emails, and other stimulation create input overload in our brains. And our brains are just trying to keep up with the processing of all of this stimulation.

It is not just a coincidence that your best ideas will come to you when you are away from working in your business. My best ideas have always come when I get out of town on a relaxing vacation. I give myself time to think. I stop consuming information and allow myself to reflect, think, and plan. Then I can start solving more of my client’s problems. And that allows me to grow, have more success, and impact more people.

The solution to information overload is not to hustle more and push through it.  The solution is to intentionally put time on your calendar just to think. You don’t have to wait to go on vacation. Take one step this week to create one hour of thinking time this week. And as you are able and see the benefit of this, you can add more time.

If one of your goals is to become a good marketer, you must create white space on your calendar for thinking time. This will allow you to develop the next great idea to present to your clients. Give it a shot. You can do it! 


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