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The Power of Reminders

Jun 03, 2021

Most of our clients in our top 20% have hectic schedules. They run around with legal pads or calendar pages full of checklist items. Heck, they might even put an item on their checklist that they have already done so that they can get the endorphin hit from completing a task. They are as busy, if not busier, than we are. And we have a choice. We can choose to intentionally focus on making their life better. Or we cannot be intentional and likely make their lives more challenging. 


The best thing to do is offer subtle reminders not to neglect something they should be paying attention to. Here are some reminder ideas:


  • A text or email the evening before their route pick-up day. This reminds the client to leave clothing or household items out for the driver. Some POS systems even add their name to the route manifest if they respond to the reminder with a “Y” or “Yes.”
  • Clean your comforters in the house at least every three months (quarterly). 
  • Change of seasons. Clean before putting items away for off-season storage.
  • Have tablecloths cleaned before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hannukah.
  • Clean and store outdoor patio cushions in late fall before winter sets in (dependent on your local climate).
  • Have all throw pillows on couches cleaned along with blankets.
  • Clean area rugs and oriental rugs one time per year.
  • Clean car mats when dirty.
  • Clean drapes and curtains every three years.
  • Clean pillow shams and dust ruffles every six months.
  • Clean Ugg boots in the off-season.
  • Call schools (choir and band uniforms) and churches (choir robes) each summer for annual cleaning.
  • Give your spouse a break from laundry (Holidays, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day) by giving a gift card for Wash, Dry, and Fold Laundry.
  • Clean luggage after a vacation.
  • Waterproof hard-shelled jackets before spring storms.
  • Shoe and boot shines quarterly to keep them looking great.


You get the idea. Without prompts or reminders, your clients will forget many of the things on this list, and you will get far less revenue than if you deploy regular reminder systems. This could be sent via text, email, in-store bounce back on order, company newsletter, or direct mail.


If you get really fancy, you could even tie these reminders into something your clients can download and place directly to their calendars. Many software solutions can allow you to do this. And these reminders do not always need to include a discount on the service. In many cases, sometimes it is good enough just to remind them, just like you would kindly remind an old friend to do something.


One last note – reminders come across best to clients when they show you care about the client. Ensure that the reminder is kind, not pushy, and is used to bring it to their attention. It can also be effective to remind your clients that many other good clients are taking advantage of the reminder, and you did not want them left out. A little bit of “keeping up with the Jones” can be very effective in prompting someone to action.


Start making a list of reminders and then put them on the calendar to communicate these reminders to your clients. You will love the results you get from simply showing your best clients you care and explain that is why you are reminding them.


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