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Testimonial Questions

Nov 23, 2021

The best time to ask for a testimonial is after your client just had a great experience with your company. And the most meaningful testimonials come from your best clients – usually from your top 20% of clients that give you 80% of your revenue.


The challenge is that most dry cleaners do not give much structure to this process. And because of this, the content from the testimonial is limited in how you can use it to attract other target clients. Today, I will give you the five questions you want to ask from your best clients when seeking a testimonial from them. Here they are:


  1. What were you struggling with before you started using XYZ Cleaners [or a specific service offered by XYZ Cleaners]?
  2. What were you skeptical of before your first visit to XYZ Cleaners?
  3. What was the best part of your experience with XYZ Cleaners?
  4. What specific results did you have from your experience with XYZ Cleaners (i.e. saved 8 hours by not having to do laundry, felt great in my perfectly pressed clothes for an important meeting, was amazed how the stain in my dress was completely removed)?
  5. Who would you recommend XYZ Cleaners to?


My recommendation is to use software like Survey Monkey or Typeform and send these five questions to your best clients the day after they pickup from your retail store or the day after they receive a delivery at their home or office.


If the answers are really favorable, you can consider asking them if they could put their responses in a video so that you can share them on social media and attract similar clients to your business. Give this a shot, and let me know how it works for you!

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