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Stay Focused on Results

Nov 01, 2022

Did you know that 20% of your efforts equal 80% of your results?

And conversely, 80% of your efforts only equal 20% of your results?

Knowing this, you MUST understand what activities add up to the few things that can create dramatic results for you and your company.

You need to spend your time on the right stuff.


For me, I focus on acquisition, retention, and ascension marketing first and foremost. And I focus on my ability to “sell” one to many. This allows me to leverage my time rather than exchange my time for money.

I also focus on investment opportunities so I can continue shifting from exchanging time for money TO having my money work for me (via investments).


These points of focus (I call them your Unique Ability or your Superpowers) are like small hinges that can swing really big doors.

Focusing on the small hinges that swing the largest doors will allow you to create exponential growth.

And usually, you will be much happier because you enjoy progress, growth, and seeing the big results that come from this focus.


Billionaires are VERY focused. They say NO to almost everything.

Millionaires are focused, usually working on only 1-2 tasks per day. And they say NO to most things.

Everyone else is typically very unfocused and reactive to what is happening around them. They say YES to almost everything.


Are you working in your zone of Unique Ability? Where your efforts are making a big difference to the health and results of your company?

If not, consider taking an audit of your time.

It will be tedious, but right down in 30-minute blocks, everything you do for three days. And then attach a dollar value to each activity (usually what it would cost you to have someone else do it).

What work is in your Unique Ability? And what work is not?


Whether it is Marketing, Finance, Team Development, or Strategic Planning..... really work hard to identify your highest contribution and stay in that zone as much as possible.

It typically will be your best money-making activity too, which is great because your company and your profit will grow the more time you spend working on a smaller number of activities.


Leave the busy work and the daily operations to your team.

When you find yourself stuck at a certain growth hurdle, you will typically need to change your contribution (what you are working on) to make it to the next level.


SAVE THE DATE – On November 18 at 11 am CST, I will be hosting a 90-minute webinar where I will share my Marketing Plan for 2023 and help you create your own, using mine as a model. I will give you the registration link next week, but for now, please set the time aside on your calendar. This is our MOST POPULAR event of the year!

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