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Spring is Rich with Opportunities!

Dec 07, 2023

Don’t worry, I haven’t completely lost my mind! I know it’s not spring in the Northern Hemisphere but it is spring south of the Equator. Anyway, this article will help you whenever it is spring in your area...
The ups and downs of business and life are similar to the seasons.
Following each winter season, there is a spring season full of opportunities and excitement.
We all endured a very challenging winter season, surviving Covid.
A lot of drycleaners ask me what the next decade will be like for our industry.
And I tell them... it will be a lot of opportunity mixed with some difficulty. The same as it has always been.
The tide comes in, then it goes out.
In the morning it gets light, at night it gets dark.
Spring always follows Winter.
Few things actually change over the course of recorded history.
But we can change. We can be certain about our future and the value we want to add to the marketplace. 
Most significant opportunities can be seized when you are certain and others are uncertain.
Jeff and his team at Cleaner’s Supply recently put out a couple of studies showing how uncertain the majority of dry cleaners are.
This presents an opportunity for you if you are willing to take it.
Spring is the time to plant your seeds so you can reap what you plant later in the fall harvest.
It takes some work to plant the seeds. But the rewards will be worth it!
Don’t wish that this industry, our economic climate, and your situation is easier.
Instead, wish you were better. Develop your skills. Get stronger. Get wiser. Get better.
Put yourself out there.
Right now, as I write this, I am helping six of our members acquire other drycleaners. 
Almost every single one of those acquisition opportunities came from writing a quarterly letter to their competitors asking them if they wanted to grab a cup of coffee or lunch to discuss their future in our industry.
Showing up with certainty and confidence, without being aggressive or condescending, can create tremendous results.
If you would like a copy of this letter, and start planting the seeds in your market, shoot me a quick email at [email protected] and I will shoot it right over to you.
Have a wonderful day!

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