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Produce Results in Advance

Jun 22, 2021

Ever since the internet has become our primary source for new information, our target clients have been overwhelmed with information. Our best clients (along with ourselves) have to be careful about what information we let in our heads. If we let too much in, we will constantly be on information overload and will not get much done. It is very easy to get “information fatigue.”

There is a new economy that is developing. And that is the ability to produce results in advance. Companies who fully understand and master this skill will be BIG WINNERS in the next few years. Information with the hopes of producing results is no longer the ideal. What’s better? Actually, getting the results without all of the information. Goodbye, excessive information. Hello, exponential results!

We have the ability to solve some enormous challenges for our clients. We can 1) save them time (the most valuable resource there is), 2) help them feel great about themselves, and 3) give them the security their family stays healthy.  If we provide information about these CORE BENEFITS to our clients, we will have success. But if we can provide guaranteed results instead of just information, our success will be exponential because of the value we are creating for our clients. And those clients who get huge results can be encouraged to refer friends, family, and work colleagues (all of which are in their circle of influence) to your business.

Your marketing goal is to convey the results your client can expect from entering into a relationship with you and from doing business with you. This is your primary goal of any and all of your marketing. What results can be EXPECTED from your relationship? By doing this, you will begin to produce results in advance and learn to convey these benefits confidently.

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