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Primary Purpose of Your Marketing

Oct 18, 2022


Most drycleaners are unclear about the purpose of their marketing. If you ask a bunch of drycleaners why they do marketing, you might get answers like this:

  • “For better brand awareness”
  • “To get our name out there”
  • “To keep up with our competitors”
  • “To support non-profits and a local little league team”
  • “Everyone is doing it”
  • “To impress my family and friends” (they won’t say this, but are definitely thinking it)
  • “Gain credibility in the marketplace”
  • “To be on page one of google”

Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong.


The primary purpose of your marketing should be to grow your top-line sales. And there are only two ways to do this – get right-fit, new quality leads to use your services, and to get existing clients properly ascended. To properly ascend a client means to get them to come as often as possible, and to optimize the monetary spend of each of their visits.


Almost any marketing salesperson who visits you to sell a product or service will focus on unmeasurable activities like clicks, impressions, and general brand awareness. And marketing agencies are even worse. They do not want to be held accountable for creating more sales for your business.


Do not be seduced by fancy marketing agency offices or well-dressed marketing salespeople. Their goal is to sell you advertising. Your goal, on the other hand, is to make more sales. The best marketing advisor is going to be aligned with your goals. They will be more interested in what’s in it for you, than what’s in it for them. The very best marketing advisors know that their success is the sum of all of their client's success.


I have created a Direct Response Marketing Checklist that has been integral to creating over $100 million in top-line sales over the last 22 years at In The Bag Cleaners. And I am giving it to you for FREE. Unlike others, I am here to help you drive more sales. That is my primary goal for you, and I want to make sure you understand it should be your primary goal. Go here to get it for FREE:


Make it a great week friends!


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