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How would you show up?

Dec 07, 2021


We have talked before about defining the ideal target neighborhoods where your prospects live. And the easiest way to do this is to plot your existing Top 20% on a map and see where most of them live. Most of your competitors are not armed with this information.  You can get a list of these clients (either by neighborhood or zip code) and remove off your current clients, leaving you with a list of “ideal prospects.”


Once you have the names and addresses of your ideal prospects, the next step is to decide how you want to show up. And here is what I suggest…. Take a drive through those target neighborhoods. Look at the homes. See what other service companies you see in the neighborhood. Get a feel for the cars you see there. Start creating a profile of each of these neighborhoods based on what you see from driving around.


And then ask yourself: if I could introduce myself and my company, how would I do it? 


Would it be in their mailbox on a fluorescent pink 4x6 postcard with black print? 

Would you leave a door hanger?

Would you knock on the door and explain all of the benefits of your company? Would you leave a small gift? 

Would you send a FedEx package? 

Would you offer a value-rich audit of their home, educating them on how to clean the textile items throughout their home? 

Would you share with the prospect all of the other clients you serve in their neighborhood and offer a book of testimonials from those exact clients? 


The answer is different for everyone. But you need to know the answer for your company. There is a tremendous advantage to the dry cleaner who knows the answer to this question and can execute on it.  It will bring transformational clarity on how you plan to attract and acquire ideal prospects.


Have a great week, my friends!

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