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How to “get paid”

Jun 14, 2022

There is no relationship between being good and getting paid.

 You could have the best attitude in the world or the worst attitude in the world and be broke either way.


It was only a short 22 years ago that I was a broke dry cleaning owner with an eviction notice on my duplex rental for four straight months.

I cared about my family. I cared about my friends. I cared about my clients.

But I had no idea how to get the money flowing in.

It wasn’t until I learned how to apply Direct Response Marketing that I ever started making any money.

Because there is a connection between being a good marketer and getting paid.


You can be the most hard-working, caring, amazing person in the world. But you will remain broke if you don’t learn how to persuade others to buy what you sell.


Your #1 job as an entrepreneur is to get paid. Without positive cash flow, you will never grow and will always be treading water, and you will continue surviving when you could be thriving.


Here is your free shortcut to learn all about Direct Response Marketing:


Run every piece of marketing by this checklist, and you will start to see how you can begin “getting paid.”

These are the exact principles I used to grow our company to be in the top 1% of our industry. And today, these same principles are yours..... FREE!


You will quickly shift from being a provider of dry cleaning services TO being a marketer of dry cleaning services. And that is what almost every owner in the top 5% of our industry does.

If you don’t do anything else this week towards growing your sales, at least download this FREE checklist. 

It is an absolute game-changer.


Have a great week, my friends!


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